'Siegmund Freud and Psychoanalysis' by Fritz Bleiber (1939)

A selection from Siegmund Freud and Psychoanalysis by Fritz Bleiber, published in Mitteilungen uber die Judenfrage, 1939.

Not long ago, Siegmund Freud died in England. For this reason, we are presenting this portrait of the core features of his teachings, which is of particular interest as a display of a typically Jewish way of thinking.

First and foremost, there is the interpretation of dreams... . Freuds basic assumption from the outset is that what a person experiences in a dream, or what is said about it afterward, does not necessarily reveal the true meaning of the dream but that its real meaning can be revealed only through interpretive analysis.

...two points struck us as being exquisitely crucial: first of all, the criticism expressed toward psychoanalysis by the patients themselves-- one that is often enough passed off as inconsequential-- about having a foreign interpretation, namely that of the analyst who is usually Jewish, foisted upon them as the only meaningful interpretation of their dreams; in the second place, the fact that the interpretation is formulated with the aid of symbols that are derived from the sphere of sexuality.

[Freuds doctrine] is concerned with planning the premeditated annihilation of civilized values and sensitivities and to plunge the nations [Volker] of the world, who just barely escaped the clutches of shallow materialism last century, back into the depths of an abyss-- depths from which a return would require nothing short of a miracle. Has there ever been, in the whole history of humanity, one single school of teachings that is more abhorrent, more abrasive and corrupt than Freud's, which ropes in the unsuspecting and drives the undecided to despair?

In this system.... of the Jew Freud, we see the despicable, evil grin on the face of the whole race [Volk] to which he belongs. This involves the psychological annihilation of the host peoples.

Indeed, any patient seeking a cure in the house of Freud will only... be able to so much as consider any prospect for healing once he has declared himself willing to first plaster himself to a worldview that is utterly alien to him, one that is utterly uncanny to him with the aura of magical thinking that surrounds it.

...frail, weak-willed, and sick types... fell prey to the psychoanalysis plague in particularly high numbers. The destructive spirit of this new "doctrine of salvation" is overtly apparent in its assessment of human nature in general. Even the crassest materialism seems idealistic by comparison to the nadir that is reached in this assessment of the nature of the human being; there have always been doctrines that have placed at the forefront of consideration man's descent from animals... . Freud, on the other hand, teaches not only that man, an animal blessed with the power of reason, is a higher species of animal, he also contends that man must see sickness, the degenerate, his own inferior subhumanity [Untermenschentum] as being at the very root of his being... .

One of the great contributions of the famous racial researcher H.K. Gunther is the revelation that feelings of guilt are the quintessential emanation of the Jewish racial soul. This consciousness of sin that has become increasingly widespread among the Jews ever since the time of Nehemiah has found palpable expression through Siegmund Freud: just one look at him tells us it is written all over his face. When he and his movement were described as a slave revolt of amorality... then there is little more we have to add.